Q.Whats the catch?

A. No Catch!…Remember we design your site, register your domain name and set up your hosting accountall free of charge. You only pay for the hosting of your site…you have to get your site hosted regardless of who creates it. All this work takes up to 14 – 21 hours to complete and the usual billing rate for such quality work is around $90 – $120 per hour. we hope you can see value in this…

Q. What happens after I’ve booked my spot for this incredible offer?
A.Once I’ve got your confirmation of the hosting plan you’d like, you will download our ‘Quick Content Guide’. This is a Microsoft Word document you can quickly and easily follow to write up content for your website. The document also shows you how to find your site address (domain name), website style, what pages you require and also what images you’d like and where you’d like them.

Q. Who writes out the content for my site?
A.It’s your business/organization and website so you’re the best person to decide what information you’d like published. You can use your ads, flyers, brochures and other business information to create your content.

Q. How can I change my content after the site is published?
A.Soon after your site is published for the first time, you will also receive an ‘Amendment Guide’ document. You can use this document to specify any changes, corrections etc.

From there we have made editing your pages, products and photos as easy as clicking your mouse.All you have to do is log into your back end and edit yourself.

Q. What types of businesses and organizations can use your free website offer?
A.Our services are best suited for those wanting informational websites, corporate sites, products and services informational sites or not-for-profit sites. Our clients range from trades people such as painters, carpet cleaners to professionals such as accountants and solicitors. Contact us if you’re unsure about your situation.

Q. What is the basic structure of your website?
A.All our sites are custom-made so we will build your site around the information you supply us. Every organization is different hence every site is unique in some way.

Q. Can I have photos, logos or any other graphics on my site?
A.We offer a custom design service and that means we will make the site to suit your needs. So of course you can have any graphic or photo on your site…as long as you own the rights to use them. You can supply all images with your Quick Content Guide document.

Q. How about the quality of work?
A.If you view the portfolio page you’ll see some of the work we have done.

Q. Who owns the site once it’s developed?
A.You’ll own rights to all content supplied by you.